How To Buy
Our products are both digital and physical. Therefore, we use OpenSea, the world's largest NFT marketplace to sell our physical/ digital products. It is very simple to buy through OpenSea. If you are unfamiliar see the steps below for guidance:
  1. To purchase our products you will need to activate a digital wallet. It is easy to do this through our recommended wallet MetaMask.
  2. When you have created wallet with MetaMask you can very easily transfer your own currency into Etherium (ETH). It is as simple as a normal bank transfer!
  3. Once you have done this come back to our online store, which you can see below, and click on the product you wish to purchase in the size you are after. The size of each product can be found in the properties dropdown on each item page.
  4. Click the "Buy Now" button and sign into you MetaMask wallet. Think of this like paying with an alternate PayPal account.
  5. Pay and unlock your NFT and shipping information.
  6. The digital portion of your garment is now also stored in you digital wallet.