MOY NFO is the brainchild of Rob and Felicity – a transdisciplinary design duo from Sydney. Coming from engineering and digital design, the transdisciplinary nature of their work shines through in the rethinking of what is means to be a fashion label in the digital age.

The decision to start MOY NFO was centred around the desire to embrace the emerging NFT and digital design community. Fashion has always been quite a closed system which is hard to break into for both designers and consumers. MOY NFO does away with the traditional gatekeepers of the fashion industry and provides a platform where design, creativity and imagination can be collectively appreciated regardless of one’s “standing” in the traditional system.

As creative director, Felicity’s background in digital and textile design informs the collection from start to finish. Her strong interest utilising digital media to reinvent the fashion industry shines through the print design on the garments to the construction of the NFT animations. Along with co-founder and MD Rob, MOY NFO has strived to support local manufacture within Australia and engage with local businesses to produce everything from the printed fabrics to the swing tags. Everything else is done in house over many many cups of coffee.